the illuminated corridor

a collision of public art, live music and film


may 21,2006


as part of the
mission creek music
and arts festival

FREE admission

on capp street
between 16th and adair
san francisco

with live music
and performative
projection by

with alfonso alvarez,
keith arnold, steve dye,
jeff hobbs, alan korn
and joe rut

with christian bruno, charles kremenak, steve dye, biagio azzerelli, eric steinberg, katie stanford and ben furstenberg

killer banshee

sarah lockhart
with aurora, damon smith
and weasel walter

kathleen quillian
and gilbert guerrero

with george chen

[peter nyboer and eric van osdel]

we eat dots
[cecilia elguero, bookworm, drslone and brian rogers]


about perambulare

this corridor will be conducted as an
exquisite corpse.

Performative projectionists
and musicians will relight
a historic city block and
thread a story in
sound and vision along
its facades.

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