the illuminated corridor

a collision of public art, live music and film

works in progress

middle harbor shoreline park
subtidal goals

john "b" berzins
soon we will be more

lisa k. blatt

georgie friedman

wayne grim
with dia felix

r. leE montgomery

five miles of broken glass

diana stasko
nature 33

these commissions are supported by the
zellerbach family foundation

Filmmaker John "B" Berzins is using a microscope to explore what's going on in the subtidal mud of Middle Harbor Shoreline Park.

"Using slow and fast motion, colorizing and other manipulations I will
illustrate a world just below our feet, which due to global warming is
changing and gaining more ground as the seas rise."
[about john "b" berzins]

Oakland-based musician, composer and sound artist Wayne Grim is composing a work for live music and digital video by Dia Felix for Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. The piece is built upon frequencies below 80 hertz, sculpted and subtracted into an immersive auditory environment that surrounds a digital projection of human faces.

"This project looks at two instances of life below the surface rarely exposed: low frequency sound and exactly what the human face communicates without words. This project was conceived on the Jack London Ferry during my daily commute."
[about wayne grim]

Media artist and educator R. LeE Montgomery is developing a live, hyperlocal television broadcast inspired by cinematic stereotypes of underwater life in Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. Using techniques of cellular cinema, multiple points of view and recombination, the piece captures our cultural [mis]apprehensions about the briney deep.
[about r. leE montgomery]


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