the illuminated corridor

a collision of public art, live music and film
image from kite photography by steven dye

works in progress

middle harbor shoreline park

alfonso alvarez
new work

steven dye
a hand in the water
a hand in the sky

jen cohen

ian winters and evelyn ficarra
short films about water/submarine

these commissions are supported by the
zellerbach family foundation

Musician, performative filmmaker and installation artist Steven Dye, in collaboration with Don Day, is developing a site-specific performance inspired by the intersection of sky and water in Middle Harbor Shoreline Park.

"An open space located in the middle of a large active container seaport, the water and the sky are two defining features at the Middle Harbor. I wanted to create a temporary installation that would place visual and/or sound elements in the water and in the air. Using kites and floating objects, these elements would complement each other, and draw attention to the everlasting natural forces shaping the park. A hand in the water, a hand in the sky."
[about steven dye]
[about don day]

Media and movement artist Jen Cohen will create a work of live music and video performance that addresses Middle Harbor Shoreline Park's duality as a natural and built environment, manipulating found objects and sounds from the site to reveal mystical divination and techgnosis.
[about jen cohen]

Filmmaker Ian Winters is collaborating with composer Evelyn Ficarra to adapt a work for live music and digital video for Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. short films about water / submarine premiered in 2008 and has toured internationally. Inspired by a shared fascination of things above and below water, and the passage of time the films observe up to 12 sites around the globe where sea meets land meets history, and which may submerge in coming years. The project is embedded in the age-old (and present) fascination with sea visually and sonically mapping place-specific worlds of water, shipwreck, geography, listening and loss.
[about ian winters]
[about evelyn ficarra]

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