the illuminated corridor

a collision of public art, live music and film


prelinger on prelinger
oct 3, 2007

FREE admission

the prelinger library
bound by eighth, folsom
and rodgers streets
san francisco

it did not rain
some brought radios
others wrote about it

with live music
and performative
projection from

craig baldwin

[with alfonso alvarez
and keith arnold]

steve dye

antónio jorge gonçalves

" class="textbold">lance grabmiller

" class="textbold">killer banshee

" class="textbold">sarah lockhart

[with charles kremenak,
eric steinberg
and john reilly]

" class="textbold">peter nyboer

with live music
accompaniment of
panorama ephemera
by a large ensemble
conducted by gino robair
[with thomas dimuzio, tom djll, shayna dunkelman, corey fogel, john hanes, john ingle , kristin miltner, scott rosenberg, thomas scandura, karen stackpole]

live broadcasts from
neighborhood public radio

episodic jo no mai from
theatre of yugen
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about prelinger on prelinger

This Corridor seeks to
illuminate the Prelinger Library, a private research library open to the public with collections encompassing some 50,000 books, periodical volumes and printed ephemera. The Library is linked to the Prelinger Archive, a collection of ephemeral films that are a key creative resource to artists of the Illuminated Corridor, and serve as a touchstone for the broader community of film, sound and bricolage artists.

The Corridor will take place during the Library's traditional Wednesday Open House evening hours, where you are invited to lose yourself in the stacks of an extraordinary library turned inside out for an evening.

This Corridor is presented with the generous support of San Francisco Cinematheque as part of its Expanded Cinema series, Instituo Camões, corporations and individual donors.

san francisco cinematheque

Instituo Camoes

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community of donors.

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