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Catalyzed by a matching grant from the East Bay Community Foundation, The Illuminated Corridor has established a fund to support the commissioning of new work in film, music and public art.

Funds are supporting the work of Bay Area artists creating new work working inspired by Middle Harbor Shoreline Park.

Four teams have been commissioned so far: musician Cheryl E. Leonard and visual artist Rebecca Haseltine [the shallow tide], media artists Gilbert Guerrero and Kathleen Quillian [building 122], video/movement artist Jen Cohen with gal*in_dog, Steven Dye with many more to follow [triangulation].

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community of donors who make the Illuminated Corridor possible.

illCorr donors

We are immensely grateful for support from the tax-deductible donations of individuals and the in-kind support of Bay Area artists, arts organizations and businesses who see the power of the Illuminated Corridor to transform civic spaces with inventive, provocative, and immersive events of light and sound

Jackie Adams
Alan Anzalone
Jay Armstrong
Patricia Barrett
Clarissa Berger
Michael Borck
Nona Caspers
Jennifer Chandler
Christian Crumlish & Briggs Nisbet
Gordon Dahlquist
Cathy de Heer
Chloe Dydo & Edward Kestermont
Steven Dye
Val Esway
Karen Ezekiel
Isabel P. Fondeliva-King
Matt Gousman
Pamela Grant-Ryan
John Hanes
Evans Hankey
Patricia Hannum
Kit Haseltine
Barbara Klutinis
Kerry Laitala
William Leonard
Lisa Mezzacappa
Cliff Neigbors
Patrick O'Kane
Suki O'Kane
Megan & Rick Prelinger
Scott Phillips
Suzanne Pyatt
Harry Quillian
Alison Sant
Edward Schocker
Carole Sears
Mercy Sidbury
Karen Slater
Karen Spitfire
Mark Steele
Sarah Stolar
Lise Swenson
Laurie Ten Hope
Peter Valsamis
Sally Weare
Michael Zelner

Glowlab Productions
Kapsack and Bair, Attorneys at Law
Law Office of Alan Korn
Uptown Lake Merritt Alliance

American Composers Forum
East Bay Community Foundation
The San Francisco Foundation
The Zellerbach Family Foundation

21 Grand
[fiscal sponsor for the illuminated corridor]
Elizabeth August
Whizz Biddlecombe
Gordon Dahlquist
Matt Davignon
Bryson DeJong
Edgetone Records
Sue Hutchinson
Jack London Stadium 9
Darren Jenkins
The Lab
Sarah Lockhart
Jessamyn Lovell
Polly Moller
LeE Montgomery

Oakland Metro
Matt O'Kane
The Prelinger Library
Rent Romus
Katina Papson
San Francisco Cinematheque

Edward Schocker
Signature Properties
Michael Trigilio
Annie Washburn
Allen Whitman
Michael Zelner
Lori Zook

ways to donate

  • online via network for good to fiscal sponsor 21 grand
  • check or money order payble to "21 Grand Arts Group Inc." with memo "Illuminated Corridor" and sent to
      The Illuminated Corridor
      646 Kennedy Street Studio 110
      Oakland, CA 94606

donations are tax-deductible
to the extent permitted by law.

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