the illuminated corridor

a collision of public art, live music and film

works in progress

middle harbor shoreline park
building 122

gilbert guerrero and
kathleen quillian

supported by the
east bay community foundation's fund for artists
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Artists Gilbert Guerrero and Kathleen Quillian are developing a site-specific project inspired by the military, social and environmental history of Middle Harbor Shoreline Park. They are exploring the layers of historical and physical sediment that have settled onto the park. Using interactive technology like a contemporary divining rod, the project conjures the various channels of history that converge on the area and re-integrates them into an active narrative with the present as an audio-visual installation.

The project will build upon and extend the perceptual cartography of their prior work, such as The International Transentient Cartographicacy Project, and the alternative soundtrack approach of Transient Frequencies. Inspired by Middle Harbor they will develop and adapt new software tools to allow visitors to interact with the layers of a “mediated map” of the park. The work will embrace key elements of the park design: amphitheater and fishing piers, and seek to create sonic and visual bridges between those elements: light beams that echo with layers of historic imagery; and radio transmissions that connect distant points within the park.

The process for developing the work will include research, interviews and documentation. Gilbert and Kathleen seek to craft an alternative narrative for Middle Harbor that can be subjected to the continual and fluid processes of audience interaction.

Gilbert Guerrero and Kathleen Quillian formed their collaborative team in 2003 based on their shared interests in technology and non-linear narrative. Their collaborative projects explore the cultural landscape through mapping and mediated movement through space. By re-ordering and overlapping images, narratives and settings and comparing the resulting intertextual sediment their work attempts to draw into question and propose alternative solutions to political, cultural and social boundaries. Their collaborative work has been shown extensively around the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Berlin, Germany and Dublin, Ireland. In between gallery exhibitions, they work together as co-directors of the non-profit multi-media art gallery Artists' Television Access.
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