the illuminated corridor

a collision of public art, live music and film
image from photo by ">Jose Rodriguez, used with permission


oakland art day
oct 3,2008

">kahn's alley
[from telegraph to
frank h. ogawa plaza]

sponsored by the ">city of oakland public art program: "a luminous oakland project"

free admission
rain or shine
bring fm radio

with performances by
keith arnold
">big city orchestra
">cj borosque with ">lords of outland
">thomas carnacki
">chen santa maria with ">nate boyce
">jen cohen
">michael goodier
">phillip greenlief's large ensemble
jeff hobbs
">killer banshee
">lucio menegon
">mike missiaen
">neighborhood public radio
">reel change
geneva rust-orta and ">sigi arnejo
">patrice scanlon
">sl morse
">lexa walsh & the oakland jingle orchestra

and many many more
from the oakland art community
including 10,000 Steps

about this corridor
this performance will unfold
in three movements

a meditation on the former wetmore pardee building (now the dalziel city administration building) which housed over 50 artist studios from the early 1970s through the mid 1990s

a contrapuntal exploration of the current identity of the site

a new anthem drawn from the momentum of Oakland's public-private cultural investment initiatives.

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